Monday, April 12, 2010

Sena Walletbook case for iPhone


Our iphones started to complain about the condition of their "homes" that we went ahead and decided to treat them to new ones. A few days ago I talked about my new iSkin Solo FX case for my phone which is a very nice case in my opinion but now it's time to talk about what my wife chose.

The Sena Walletbook case for the iphone is a very nice case indeed. It is a premium designer leather, comes in different colors as well as a "classic" and "Croco" leather design. The quality is very good and in my opinion , gives your phone an added elegance.

You have a couple of pockets on the left side to hold your credit cards, Driver's license or a picture of your mom and the phone slips in snuggly in a pocket on the right. The only weird thing that we noticed is that since the phone is on the Right side, it can get to be a bit awkward and unnatural the first few times that you open it up. There were some instances that I opened it up and found the phone upside down. But with everything else, you get used to it really quick so it's not a big deal breaker.

All in all the Sena Walletbook is a nicely made phone case. The quality of the materials is very good as well as the design. Shian has been using hers for the past few weeks and she said that the leather has started to relax a little just like a good leather shoe fits better to your foot after a few uses. She doubts that she will be using it as a real wallet since you can't really fit a lot of cards there but she's definitely happy with the purchase and that's really what counts.

Source: Sena Cases

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  1. I used to have this type of case for Lino (my iPhone) but I found it challenging to type because the leather on the sides get in the way. And yeah, it's kind of weird though that I'd often open the case and find my phone upside down but I got used to it overtime.

    Right now, I'm using this rubber Belkin case almost similar to your iSkin Solo which fits Lino perfectly.


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