Friday, April 9, 2010

iSkin solo FX for the iPhone

After a good 2 years of use, we finally decided to get new skins for our phones. The old ones that we used was really getting to be an eye-sore so it was really time to try the new ones out there, hence the new Solo FX from iSkin. I've used one of their ipod skins way back when I had an iPod Photo and was really satisfied with it so it was just natural for me to try their new offerings.

iSkin really makes good quality skins but I was kinda hesitant at first because they used to have that sticky silicon covers that attracts all kinds of lint and dust. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they changed the texture in their newer models. It's still rubbery so it's definitely anti-slip but it is smoother and feels real good and snug when attached to the iPhone. 

The solo FX boasts a new reflective screen protector that looks like a mirror when turned off. It really looks nice and adds to the look of the phone but unfortunately it also adds glare and I mean a LOT of glare. It becomes very hard to use your phone outside in a sunny day so get used to a lot of squinting if you want to use the mirror film although it is really a good way to check if you have something stuck between your teeth. :o)

The iSkin Solo FX is a big improvement from the skin that I remember a few years ago. The only drawback that I can see is the included reflective screen protector. If you are the type that values looks more than function... or you have super vision powers, I suggest just going with the trusty clear screen protectors. iSkin also sells a Solo model without the screen protectors and a Solo FX SE kit with both mirror and clear screen films.

Source: iSkin.Com

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