Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pottery Barn Patchwork Knit Throw

We went out to Crossgates Mall the other day in search for a good throw to replace the old one that we had. The old throw was this cheap $5 thing that was actually beautiful when we bought it but it didn't take a week before it started shedding all over the place! 

So we went over and ended up at one of our favorite store, the Pottery Barn, and look at what we found in one of their clearance bins. 

It's 50" wide x70" long made of soft cotton-acrylic yarn. It comes in an Ivory, Fresca Blue and Red Nectar color (I wonder who comes up with these names..). We preferred the Fresca Blue but ended up with the red because it was the last one.  The texture is smooth and soft, not like the "itchy" feel of our old rag. It's well worth it especially with the deal that we got. The throw retails at $79 and you can order online here but it still pays to peruse your local Pottery Barn for great deals. We didn't get the color that we wanted but with the price and the quality, it's too good to pass up.

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