Friday, June 18, 2010

Lines for Apple's iPhone 4 will be HUUUUUGE!!!!

If you haven't heard of it yet (or if you vowed to never watch tv or go to the internet and just sleep under a rock...), Apple has just finished the pre-order phase for their 4th generation iPhone and will start selling them on their retail store on June 24. Given the current figures, they already have over 600,000 iphone 4's on pre-order and now it turns out that this figure doesn't even include reservations or walk-in sales. Given this new information, it looks like Apple will easily double that number on sale day. Hit up Boygeniusreport.Com for a breakdown of some of the apple store numbers. 

If June 15 was any indication of things to come, expect to break out your tents and park your behind to the nearest Apple store that you can find!

Apple is not the only store selling the iPhone 4.  You can check out your local Bestbuy, AT&T or Radioshack for stock info.

Check out this dude in Dallas, TX apparently he's the first iPhone 4 camper found in the wild. A little extreme IMHO but for everybody that's getting the newest from Apple on the 24th, I wish you all good luck and happy hunting! [Dallas News via Engadget]

You could also try your paper cutting, folding, gluing skills and make a DIY Paper iPhone 4 while waiting for the real thing!

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