Tuesday, January 16, 2007

World Pyro Olympics 2007

Mall of Asia was again the site for this years World Pyro Olympics 2007 and with all the hype that we heard over the past few weeks, we finally decided to go. We went last January 7 for the Germany and United Kingdom exhibition as well as the finale last January 13 which showed China and the Philippines. Since it was our first time going there, we really didn't know what to expect. All I've been hearing about is the massive 2 hour traffic afterwards and that we have to prepare for the worst. Well, after much anticipation for our first day in the pyro Olympics, with weeks and weeks of waiting and dreaming for that day to come, finally we arrived... LATE!! haha but don't get me wrong, it was a good thing. Because we were late, we were not able to go to the site itself. You should have seen the sheer amount of cars and people come to watch the show and we were about 20 min away from the Mall! (Arg!!) So we just parked in a vacant lot nearby and had to watch the show from afar. It was nice! Actually, it was so nice that we decided to watch the last show and boy was it really worth it. So, on the day of the last show, we left at around 5pm (the show starts 8pm)and drove ourselves to the mall. The traffic was relatively lite but when we arrived, we knew right ahead that we won't be able to park inside. Lucky for us, the management was allowing people to park outside the mall.

Mall of Asia World Pyro Olympics 2007Mall of Asia World Pyro Olympics 2007 Hosted on Zooomr

Once we were in the Esplanade of Mall of Asia, we had to pay P100 to get inside the special viewing area and once there, you had to wait for the show to start. The Philippine show was Awesome. I was really surprised because honestly, I wasn't really expecting a good performance since the top pyro companies in the whole world is participating but we probably put out the best fireworks this year! Too bad that we're not in the contest or we could have one it hands down!

Hosted on Zooomr

You can check some of the shots that I took in my World Pyro Olympics set in Zooomr.

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