Sunday, September 22, 2013

Downtown Troy and Uncle Sam

We recently went to downtown Troy to go to the Troy Waterfront Farmers Market. We had a blast with all the good food and music but the other thing that I really enjoyed was how awesome the architecture is down there.


We also saw that there was also a lot of references towards Uncle Sam and it turns out that Troy, NY is the official home of the real "Uncle Sam"

I always thought that "Uncle Sam" was just a fictional character in those World War I posters trying to convince you to join the army. It was actually based on a real person named Samuel Wilson! You can read up on the history here.

The interesting part of this is that we saw a few Uncle Sam statues all over the area.

A quick google reveals that it is part of a public art installation and that there's a total of 30 Uncle Sam's in Troy! Check out the list of Uncle Sams over here.
I guess we still have a few more Uncle Sams to go!

Downtown Troy

The Uncle Sam Project

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