Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Isaiah's Baptism

_MG_0099 Last September 18, we went to the christening of Gen+Ina's son, Isaiah, and we were honored to be a part of the celebration as one of the Godparents. We have been to a couple of Christening's since coming to the US and it's always a joy to share in the happiness of having a baby be a part of the Catholic family. Traditionally here in the US, they only have a pair of Godparents but being from the Philippines... it is nice that the tradition of having at least 3-7 pairs have crossed over too. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Baptism. Enjoy!
_MG_0104 _MG_0109_MG_0113 _MG_0121_MG_0139 _MG_0142_MG_0144_MG_0147 _MG_0149_MG_0156Issey started playing with the holy water!
_MG_0163_MG_0165 _MG_0183
 The baby bottle is always the best tool to keep a cranky baby happy! _MG_0197
Annointing with oil... The oil was very pepperminty. We met with them after a few days and Issey still smelled minty!
_MG_0214 _MG_0220_MG_0230 _MG_0222
Fellow photog with the kids.
 Issey is all greased up and ready to go!
_MG_0250 _MG_0251_MG_0255 _MG_0263_MG_0260_MG_0267 _MG_0272
The "Ninangs" - Godmothers
The "Ninongs" - Godfathers
_MG_0293_CP _MG_0321_MG_0322 _MG_0325 _MG_0334_MG_0336_MG_0343_MG_0350 _MG_0342_MG_0362 _MG_0364_MG_0369 _MG_0373_MG_0387 _MG_0397_MG_0455 _MG_0404 _MG_0447_MG_0449_MG_0450 _MG_0331_MG_0441

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