Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas in the City - New York, 2010

One of the advantages of digital cameras from film is the ability to take lots of pictures without thinking of the cost of the film and developing. The drawback is, because of the sheer amount of pictures that gets accumulated through the years, you sometimes forget to process some of them. :)

This is an example of a forgotten trip that we made last year to visit the Big Tree in Rockefeller Center.

It was SUPER cold when we went to the city and it always gets me when you look at the sunny pictures and thinking why are all the people covered up.

IMG_0532IMG_0538 IMG_0570IMG_0540 
Max's Restaurant in New Jersey is the nearest one in NY and we try to drop by everytime we go to the city. I've never been a big Max's fan back in the Philippines but since coming here, I just can't get enough! It's just funny to see how small the whole chicken is compared to what you can get in the grocery (The chicken here in the US is HUGE! About double the size).

IMG_0554IMG_0558 IMG_0562IMG_0561 IMG_0581IMG_0587 IMG_0596IMG_0605 IMG_0618IMG_0623IMG_0624IMG_0625 IMG_0628IMG_0641
lobby of the Empire State Building.

The flagship store of Macy's in NYC is extra busy during the christmas season.

IMG_0659 IMG_0666IMG_0662 IMG_0678 IMG_0681 IMG_0686 IMG_0692IMG_0694 IMG_0698
Lots of mirrors in the boy's bathroom... wonder what it's for?

Times Square

IMG_0750IMG_0752IMG_0753IMG_0754 IMG_0755IMG_0761IMG_0763IMG_0768 IMG_0793IMG_0792
Always nice to have someone to cuddle in a cold (freezing) winter night! :)
Ended the day with a trip to the M&M store. 

IMG_0834IMG_0839 IMG_0843
You could mix different sizes and flavors of M&M and pay by weight.


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