Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Daisy Indoor Garden Project

Now that Spring has been going on for a few weeks here in the north east we decided to give indoor gardening a try. Shian always wanted to fix the outside garden for a while but we kinda got overwhelmed when we tried last Spring. This time, we'll try to take baby steps and start inside. 

We picked up this Smith & Hawken Daisy Grow Kit from our local Target. Loved the design of the pot. At least we'll end up with a nice container for future projects if this doesn't work.

It comes with potting soil and a Daisy seed packet from Buzzy. Buzzy's site ( is a good resource for beginner growing kits and you can usually find their products in your local gardening/ home improvement center. we might try the Tomato Ceramic Grow pot if this works out. :o) 

Buzzy Seed number 93282 - Daisy May Queen

All you need to do is transfer the potting soil into the ceramic pot and use luke-warm water to moisten it. Then evenly scatter the seeds in the soil. 

Our pot is currently living in our bay window and we'll be waiting with baited breath and see how it works out. Of course we'll update you guys each step of the way! 

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