Saturday, February 3, 2007

Lord's Day, Mom and Isaboy's Bday and a Very Emotional Saturday

It has been a week already but I can still remember everything that happened Last Saturday like it just happened Yesterday. January 28 was my Mom's and Nephew's Bday. Yup! When my sis got married, she gave my mother the best birthday present ever... an "apo" (grandson). Anyway, because of this happy coincidence, my mom and Isaboy (my nephew) usually share the same party and we have been happily doing this for a very long time now but this time it's different. My bro called us up and told us that since our mom's turning 70 years old this year, we have to do something extra special for her. So we reserved Saturday (Jan 27) for the special day and we went ahead and did a couple of things that will make the day memorable. We made short letters telling her how special and loved she is, the grandkids even danced and sang which is always fun even if we saw it a hundred times already! haha!

The evening started out with something that was very new to us, Kuya Roy introduced us to the "Lord's Day Celebration". This was a Christian Tradition where you basically share bread and wine or in our case grape juice (since there were kids there) and thank the Lord for the numerous blessings that you have received the past week. It was a very nice and interesting experience although we weren't able to participate that much especially that part about giving thanks because we're not yet used to giving our thanks out loud but my big bro and ate Ross (Kuya Roy's Wife) did a g
reat job on our behalf. After the prayers, We began what everybody was really waiting for... The Food!!!!

After we filled our bellies, the kids began reading their letters to mom and they even prepared song and dance numbers which was always fun to see. The kids were really into showing off what they prepared and I was very happy because it was potentially a start of a new tradition that they can do every year. We used to do this every year when we had our grand Christmas reunion and I always remember looking forward to each December to be with my cousins to perform a new song or dance routine especially when we received money after each performance! (money is really a good motivator if you ask me)

After the kids, me and my siblings went ahead and read the letters that we made for mom. Everybody was kidding around at first but it quickly became emotional and everybody was pouring their hearts out. Yup, we all cried like babies. Probably because we don't really say how much we love our mom out loud like that. Well, we do say "I love you" every so often but it's different when you take the time off to just remember all of the great things that your mom has done for you. How despite your own shortcomings, she's still there to cook your favorite dish for you, to always be ready to give you whatever you need and to give you your daily dose of TLC like no other mother can give. Ok I need to stop! I'm getting teary eyed already! Haha!

This was a night that I will truly remember. Thanks to my bro (Kuya Roy) for making it all happen.

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